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FFO: get (cut) at year-end elections

Minister Gelmini beats herself. Passed overdue who had already seen last year in the allocation to the universities. In fact, thanks to membership to the "rule making" in 2010 was able to "do" rather, issued the decree for the allocation of resources to universities only December 21, 2010. The universities have what they can to year-end.
The decree does not contain any attachments. There are those on the criteria and metrics, but no chart and allocations to individual universities, which allows you to pursue the most appropriate and timely comments.
has compensated for that lack weaving data drawn from the different sources available: Decree of 2009, Tables C finance laws; CUN opinion on the 2010 decree.
resources decreased as a result of cuts
comparing baseline data and final decrees of 2009 (No. 45 of 23/9/10) and 2010 (No. 655 of 21/12/10) is easy to note the outstanding work on the cutting FFO financial laws.
The initial place of the decrees show, in fact, a cut, net of the reductions provided by the various laws have occurred in the last two years, no less than € 718.714 million (-10.36%) compared to the resources available in 2009.
The comparison shows a value shared reduction in resources, compared to 2009, of 279 Ml € (-3.72%). An improvement compared to initial data, due to funding ad hoc under other laws: € 550 million required by law 244/07 for three years (2010 last installment), and the resources "additional" to € 400 million provided by the law 191/09 for 2010 and 2012.
The allocation of the merits of
allocation of resources, the decree follows the pattern of last year. The most significant difference concerns the increase in the amounts spent on rewarding the universities, which rose from € 523.5 million to 720 million €. The allocation was made by applying the same percentages as last year: 34% compared to the "quality of the educational processes and outcomes of learning" (€ 244.8 million) and 66% in relation to "quality of scientific research" (€ 475.2 million). The
assignments relating to other issues record confirmations or slight decreases that do not change the profile inspired last year. One exception is the mail only (absent last year) of € 86.560000000 intended to program agreements unspecified. In this regard the CUN, in his opinion, "raises the issue of transparency in the agreements allowed the program to cover the reimbursement of the annual allocation or 2009 and asked that these agreements are made public." A full year to issue a decree that are equal to that of 2009 is so much! Indeed is scandalous.

Source: FLC CGIL


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